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Drill Information Systems

Drill Monitoring and Guidance

Thunderbird's DRILLING EFFICIENCY INDICATOR (DEI ô) was introduced to the mining industry in 1982, and since then has been installed worldwide on hundreds of blasthole drills. The DEI product line has proven to be an extremely reliable tool that will increase a mine's productivity, reduce overall drilling costs, and improve blasting efficiency. In 2001, a newly designed DEI Plus was introduced to replace the DEI and to provide a great deal more information to the drill operator. Subsequently, the DEI+Logger was developed to replace Thunderbird's Stratalogger and allowed the operator to log critical drilling performance indicators. This logged data is converted into meaningful information and reports using the Thunderbird office software.

The Thunderbird DEI+NAV High Precision guidance system was introduced to the mining industry at the 2008 MINEXPO show. Since then, it and the non-HPGPS version, the DEI-X, have been well received by the mining industry because of their many unique features and competitive pricing. Systems are operating in mines around the world including Australia, Chile, Kazakhstan, Suriname, Ukraine, and the United States. Thunderbird has received follow-up orders and recently received a multi-drill order from a large North American iron ore mine.

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DEI Plus is the latest in a long line of rotary blasthole drill monitoring products from Thunderbird. It is a completely redesigned version of the original Drilling Efficiency Indicator (DEI) and provides the operator with a great deal more information than was available from the DEI.
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DEI-X is the latest addition to Thunderbirdís family of drill monitors for rotary blasthole drills that date back to the early 1980s. It is truly a revolutionary product with features and capability unmatched in the industry. These include Wi-Fi connections to the mine office, displaying drill pattern maps to the operator, strata-logging, cameras, and logging hole position with LPGPS. The DEI-X platform can also be readily upgraded to a Drill Guidance system for those mines that may require a navigation system at some point in the future.
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DEI+NAV With the introduction of Thunderbirdís DEI+Nav HPGPS Guidance system, a new standard for blasthole drill instrumentation has been established. The DEI+Nav has been designed from the ground up by a team that pioneered the development of the first drill monitoring and GPS navigation systems. This experience has allowed the team to design a lower priced system with many unique features not available in competitive systems that will provide its mining customers with a higher rate of return on their investment.
DEI After more than 20 years, the DEIs were taken out of production and have been replaced by the DEI Plus. However, hundreds of DEIs are still in operation, and Thunderbird continues to repair and service the DEIs, as well as supply spare parts for the systems. The original DEI systems can be easily upgraded to DEI Plus systems.

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