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Thunderbird's Drilling Efficiency Indicator, the DEI was introduced to the mining industry in 1982, and since then has been installed worldwide on hundreds of blasthole drills. The DEI product line has proven to be an extremely reliable tool that increases a mine's productivity, reduces overall drilling costs, and improves blasting efficiency.


Thunderbird has installed systems in mines & quarries around the world including Africa, Australia, Canada, Chile, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Suriname, Ukraine and the United States. In addition, our trade partners have installed Thunderbird systems in numerous other countries.

Installation of Thunderbird drilling and navigation systems is not limited to mines and quarries. No matter the application, Thunderbird will work with you to develop the right system for your application.

In 2001, a newly designed DEI Plus was introduced to replace the DEI and to provide a great deal more information to the drill operator. Subsequently, the DEI+Logger was developed to replace Thunderbird's Stratalogger and allowed the operator to log critical drilling performance indicators. This logged data is converted into meaningful information and reports using the Thunderbird office software.


The Thunderbird DEI+NAV High Precision guidance system was introduced to the mining industry at the 2008 MINEXPO show. Since then, it and the non-HPGPS version, the DEI-X, have been well received by the mining industry because of their many unique features and competitive pricing.


Based on feedback from customers around the globe regarding their experiences with various monitoring systems, we have launched a new system that takes drill monitoring to a completely new level. It is with great pleasure that we launch the DEI Xplorer MWD monitoring system. Designed from the bottom up for the rigors of mining, quarries, exploration, HDD, construction and water well drilling.

  • Performance - State-of-the-Art high performance mobile computing platform equipped with the newest hardware and Thunderbird software.

  • Reliability - Ruggedized computer to withstand the rigors of drilling

  • Functionality - Optional built in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth with GSM capabilities
  • StrataLogger - Best in class downhole logging and software

  • NAV Xplorer - Drill Guidance system for those mines that may require a navigation system at some point in the future
Corresponding with the launching of the DEI Xplorer platform, we are pleased to announce the release of the NAV Xplorer. The NAV Xplorer provides the drilling industry with an improved drill navigation guidance system over the renowned DEI+NAV. The totally new robust hardware and software of the NAV Xplorer, promotes an enhanced user experience and allows for the adaptation of new and emerging technology that adds value to drilling operations.

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