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DEI-X On-Board System

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Drilling Screen with Overdrilling Warning


The DEI-X is the latest addition to Thunderbird's family of drill monitors for rotary blasthole drills that date back to the early 1980s. It is truly a revolutionary product with features and capability unmatched in the industry. These include Wi-Fi connections to the mine office, displaying drill pattern maps to the operator, strata-logging, cameras, and logging hole position with LPGPS. The DEI-X platform can also be readily upgraded to a Drill Guidance system for those mines that may require a navigation system at some point in the future.

Thunderbird has been supplying instrumentation to the surface mining industry for over 20 years. A full range of on-board monitors and software solutions are available from Thunderbird to insure that each customer is provided the right product to meet your needs.

The DEI-X will reduce your drilling and blasting costs

DEI Systems

Thunderbird's DEI family of products includes or will include:

  • Basic drill monitoring
  • Data logging using Wi-Fi or USB for uploading or offloading of data
  • Strata recognition using Specific Energy of Drilling algorithm
  • PDA for viewing drill fleet status or texting drills
  • Health monitoring
  • Interface to drill PLC systems
  • Camera ready for added safety
  • Rock Recognition
  • DEI+NavˇXHPGPS Drill Guidance
  • Backbone for remote control and autonomous
  • Intel Atom 1 GB Ram Processor & 16GB Compact Flash Memory
  • Water & dust proof (IP65/NEMA 4)
  • Upgradeable from older Thunderbird DEI Plus or Logger systems
  • Built-in shutdown circuitry to insure no data is lost
  • Outputs for audible or visual alarms
  • Optional upgrades include: Sensor Manager, cameras, GPS receivers
  • CAN bus available for health monitoring
  • Integration with Fleet Management Systems
  • Remote internet access for support and system upgrades
  • Available for all makes and models of rotary blasthole drills

Operator Display

  • Sunlight readable, VGA, touch display
  • Enhanced graphical interface
  • Drilling parameters and times
  • Overdrilling and Pipe-in-the-Hole warnings
  • 3D views of pattern and drilled holes
  • View single or multiple drill patterns
  • Show bench terrain and contours
  • Surface features including operator warnings for "no entry" or danger zones
  • 2 Way text messaging
Data Logging

  • Operator and Sampler ID numbers
  • Pattern and hole numbers
  • Tracks all time and drill status
  • Pre-shift inspections
  • Delay codes and downtime
  • Drill bits, drill stem components
  • Track over or under drilling
  • Operator comments on the holes
  • Optional sensors values and Drilling Index or Specific Energy of drilling
  • Optional drill and hole locations
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Designed Drill Pattern

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DEI-X Screen with Pattern Displayed

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System Options

    Drill Pattern Maps

  • Upload via Wi-Fi or USB drill pattern maps on to DEI-X operator display
  • Operator trams to surveyed hole locations and touches hole numberˇX system displays all hole parameters
  • DEI-X logs hole number, actual vs. planned depth, & drilling conditions
  • Status of all holes on the pattern are displayed to all drills: drilled, undrilled, or redrilled
  • Add a HPGPS or LPGPS receiver to log approximate hole location and position of the drill on the pattern
  • 3D views of pattern and drilled holes with strata information

  • Optional Sensor Manager & sensors
  • Allows for monitoring of pull-down, torque, RPM & air pressure, and providing operator KPIs
  • Real-time display of Drilling Index
  • Recorded data can be used to more accurately load the pattern leading to improve blasting with better fragmentation and reduce costs
Click Here for a larger view Cameras

  • Multiple fixed and/or Pan/Zoom/Tilt cameras
  • Integrated into DEI-X Operator Display
  • Improve safety and productivity
Central Office Sustem

  • Full suite of drill reports including operator KPIs
  • Microsoft SQL database
  • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services used for report generation
  • SQL queries easily done
  • Easy to export data to other databases
  • Integration with DBS blasting software
Why DEI-X System?

  • Meets the customer needs because it is being designed by the most knowledgeable team in the industry
  • Operator interfaces and numerous other features unmatched by any other system
  • Upload pattern maps to increase accuracy of drilling and data collection
  • Enhanced add-ons: Sensor Manager, Strata Recognition, Cameras, & GPS
  • Remote access via the internet
  • Easily upgradeable to full navigation system when required
  • Will provide the mine with a higher ROI because of the pricing and enhanced features
DBS Drill & Blast Software

  • Manage Topography and Surfaces
  • Layout Blastholes
  • Charge Blastholes
  • Collect Drill and Blasthole Data
  • Manage Drill and Blast Consumables
  • Report on Drill and Blast Performance

Fully Integrated and Available from Thunderbird

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