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DEI Plus

ROP Graph

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Previous Shift

Drill Leveling and Mast Angle
DEI Plus

The DEI product line has proven during the past two decades to be an extremely useful and reliable tool for the driller. Many of the systems sold during the early 1980s are still operating at surface mines around the world. The DEI Plus has been designed to provide the drill operator with a great deal more information than was available from the DEI, which further enhances operator and drill performance.

For those customers with the older DEI model, they can be upgraded to the new DEI Plus in a matter of minutes since all of the sensor inputs are identical. In addition, the DEI Plus can be easily upgraded to a DEI-X for the onboard storage of drilling activities and information.

The DEI Plus uses the latest in display technology to provide an extremely rugged, sunlight-readable, crisp display. The electronics have been designed to allow the DEI Plus to store data and conduct extensive on-board calculations. The system has built-in diagnostics and troubleshooting to provide ease of use and training.

DEI Plus Screen Features

Drill Screen

Provides Depth, Rate of Penetration, Target Depth, Drill Time and Estimated Time to Complete the hole.

ROP Graph

Another screen available to the operator while drilling graphically displays ROP vs. Depth. It will help the operator identify hard versus soft zones or the location of coal. The information can also be used by the blasting crews to optimize the loading and the resulting blast.


This unique warning feature can prevent drill component damage caused by tramming while drill pipe is still in the ground. An output relay is available to lock-out or prohibit tramming of the drill.

Previous Hole

The operator has access to all of the above data for the three holes previously drilled.

Current Shift Statistics

Total Number of Holes, Total Depth, Total Drill Time, Average Depth, Average ROP, and Average Hole Drill Times can be viewed by the operator.

Previous Shift Statistics

This same data is available for previous shifts to provide the operator with a performance reference.

Production Statistics

The system will also accumulate production information until reset. This data includes Total Number of Holes, Total Depth, Average Depth, Average ROP, and Average Hole Drill Time.

Drill Leveling and Mast Angle

An optional dual axis inclinometer can be added to the DEI Plus. This will assist the operator in accurately leveling the drill and insuring the mast is at the specified angle for cast blasting.

Other DEI Plus Features/Screens Include

  • Target depth settings
  • ROP and depth alarms
  • Built-in calibration instruction
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Help screens
  • Spare parts lists

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